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“供應易” 專業生產及銷售各類包裝產品。客戶偏佈海外,專業研發餐飲及烘焙包裝產品。本地客戶包括:酒店,連鎖餐廳,烘焙店,食品工場,各類大小食肆。


企業管理:供應易嚴格控制食品及產品安全,卓越管理經驗。從材料,製造到成品,“供應易” 嚴格控制質量。產品由質量控制部門定期檢測,符合食品安全標準!


SUPPLY EASY produces and sells a variety of packaging products, also among overseas customers.

We create catering and baking packaging products professionally. Our local customers include hotels, chain-restaurants, baking shops, food production centres and various types of catering shops.

As to give an easy and supreme quality platform, we also design and create products accolrding to individual customer needs.

Corporate management: SUPPY EASY controls food safety strictly with excellent management experience. From ingredients, manufacturing process and finished products, SUPPLY EASY controls the quality strictly. Products are tested by quality control department regulary, meeting food safety standard!

Good quality and services are our first priority. With a huge logistic team, we provide services for all districts daily. Thus we minimizes storage pressure for customers with flexibility and ease.

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